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Going to a party - What to wear for women

It is absolutely that events and parties are things associate with every one of us because we are the social creature, we need times to celebrate our achievement, we need to meet up to strengthen the social bond with others. There are many kinds of parties like the bachelor party, red cup party, valentine party to name a few. However, in this blog today, we will mention fashion and things to wear for women in the general way of the party, we call casual parties in which it doesn’t require any dress codes, or fancy wearing things to impress anybody but it does want you to wear proper things to make you look confident and most comfortable to be the most of you in the movement you are at that party. Here are the eight styles that can provide you some ideas for what to wear at a party to look your best.

1.A pair of jeans and a crop top

Imagine yourself in a style of clothing that makes you look 10 years younger to other people's eyes with a crop-top. Well, crop-top indeed does wonderful things to the appearance of women, it makes us look youthful and very unique. However, we need to remember that the length of a crop-top is also important to the way other people feel. You want it to be shorter than your waist but you will not want it to be too short. Because sometimes, the “too-short” crop top will not only break the pleasant of the way you look but it also makes you feel uncomfortable to move around. Jeans, especially black pair of jeans can be a perfect match for your crop-top. Any accessories like color glasses, leather belts, or wristlets are our recommendations to this outfit.

2.Tank top, trouser, loose shirt combine accessories

Now, we move on to the next inspiring look with the simple combination of the tank top, trousers, and accessories. For the tank top, we recommend you choose the one that fits you best, the length of your tank top should not be covering your trouser to highlight your height with your pair of trousers. Well, you don’t want to forget a loose button long-sleeve shirt to overlay your tank top. You can believe us at this recommendation because the tank top is always a good friend of a loose shirt. It makes us feel comfortable and stylish. Accessories like a necklet are our recommendation to wear with this outfit.

3.Ripped Jeans and Thick-fabric long-sleeve shirt

Sometimes, you want to highlight yourself with a little bit of naughtiness and uniqueness. Ripped Jeans can be a perfect option for you to choose from. Jean in light blue often gives you more room to think of what to combine with. In other words, light blue jeans are easier to pair with other top-wears compared to other colors. About your long-sleeve shirt, you can choose whatever colors to match your personality. But, we strongly recommend you to choose some colors that lie in the warm section in the color wheel, like rose red, yellow, dark yellow, light orange. The reason we recommend you to choose these colors is that it can blend well with the light-blue jeans we mentioned.

4.Jacket and Sneaker

Another style we can't help mentioning is the one you pair your jacket with your sneaker. You may ask how to do so, the answer is very straightforward. Just make sure your sneaker has something that matches with your jacket. For example, you can wear a vivid jacket with a color pad or stripes decoration, then you want to wear a pair of sneaker which also has a similar decoration to match this jacket. The color tone of this sneaker should contain the color of your jacket, for sure, it doesn’t have to be a perfectly matching color, but it should be like this. “ a pair of the yellowish sneaks-a dark yellow jacket”, “a light red jacket-a pair of rose-red sneaker” for example.

5.Embroidered Jeans and handbag

Well, you look will be more classes and cute to the eyes of those at the party you join by wearing a pair of embroidered jeans. Embroidered jeans often bring us the classic look because it is more on the side of high-end products (products are made by hands with limited production). We recommend you to choose a pair of jeans that has the waistline covering your belly because this way will provide you “cheating look” of your height, it makes your legs look longer than they are. A handbag is necessary for this style, for those who don’t know how to choose a handbag to wear with your jeans, we always recommend you to stick to the light colors theme, like cream color, pinkish, light pink. The light color creates a sense of cuteness in our style.

6.Crop top and accessories

We have mentioned this style ( a crop top comes with a pair of jeans), but for this, we will talk in deep about what to combine with your crop-top. As you may guess, crop-top makes us look young. However, sometimes, we love to be in a youthfully mature look. Then what we can do to achieve it, there are several ways to help you look mature in a youthful way, like using mark-up, wearing an overcoat, taking with you a medium-size handbag. More than that, we want to give you the advice to wear a crop top in cold colors like dark green, navy, black, or bruised red. These colors boost the youthful look, creating an illusion to the eyes to help you look thinner and fitter. Also, an accessory like a necklet or rings can be the best friend of yours as you style them together. For the choice of necklet, we recommend you to wear a short length necklet since you don’t want it to catch too much attention of others while the main concentration should be your style.

7.Shircy sweatshirt and leather trousers

Infusing yourself to the style that reflects a vigorous look and energetic feelings, we recommend this style. Red sweatshirt and leather trousers, well, we have been very specific to you to mention the word “red” because of the theory of color. Red is one of the colors creating energy when we look and most to catch people's attention. When choosing a sweater, you always want it to be loose because tightness can cause unpleasant feelings to your body, to explain deeper, the sweater is often made of polyester to trap body heat. So, when it is too tight, it will block the normal air circulation causing you to be uncomfortable with sweats. To the leather trouser you choose, we advise you to choose a stretchable pair of them, because it is very popular that the materials used to make those trousers are artificial, thus if the trousers cannot stretchable, it is not a good friend to you when you move around. To this style, we don’t need to think about our skin tone since it is for every color of skin tone. Yes, we want to be sincere with you that we are a bit of bias in our view when it comes to style. And we also recommend this style as the one you can choose to wear for any kind of casual party you join. We currently have this style available in our store.


P/S : We know that our style is things defining us to be who we are and forming the way others think of us. To help you be the most confident you in any casual parties, we recommend you all the style above. Now, it’s time for you to choose things to wear for your upcoming parties.


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