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What to wear for your perfect date | Men Fashion Tips

A perfect date is the day we want to look best to impress and get the attention of the person we love. Then, what should we wear to ensure the best performance we can get to make her or him fall in love in seconds by just the way you look ?


Well, before we go deeper to explore the style that we can choose to wear for the perfect date. Let us know that we can make or break a perfect date partly depending on the way we look. Yes, believe me , people love by the look first. When you are sure to have the look that she or he deserves, you are the person who is in control. Now, we go to explore the 5 cool ways to wear for a perfect date.

The 5 styles you can consider for your perfect date.

  1.  A short sleeve shirt with jean

Well, wearing this style can be a plus for you if you choose your date in a friendly restaurant or a neighbor drinking shops. Because this style is very casual, so it is the most suitable for meeting your partner in a casual location. 

  1. Combine a decorated polo shirt with a watch on your wrist

Sometimes, little things make a big impact. When it comes to enhancing your manly look, a watch can help you a lot. Especially, when you are simply wearing a short sleeve polo shirt, the way that makes you look even more wholesome is to wear a watch. It doesn't need it to be a luxurious fancy big price watch, you just need a normal branded watch. You can wear an Apple Watch too. This gives you a stylish look while it doesn’t make your partner feel like you are showing.

  1. Wear jean and long sleeve

Nothing can be more casually elegant than a man who puts himself in a style of clothing that combines a Jean and long sleeve shirt. Well, when you wear jeans, you want to make sure that the jeans you wear are not too tight or too short. Instead, grab yourself a pair of jeans that are comfortable with flexible fabric and breathable texture, it can be straight or skinny. Also, you want to make sure it is comfortable on you. For the long sleeve shirt, you should choose dark colors like navy blue, dark chocolate or ox blood red to create a subtle look. Also, when you wear the dark color, it makes you look more in shape and masculine. Bonus tip for this, women love seeing men in dark color clothing.

  1. Remember your trouser.

Trouser and long sleeve shirt can be a perfect mix for you to choose if you want to have a nicely elegant look. For the trouser, you definitely don’t want it to be so tight or too loose, because the thing you want it to do for you is to flatter your shape.Thus, you need to be comfortable in that trouser first. Now, we come to the long sleeve you are wearing, it should be fitting your body shape, the sleeve should not get over your wrist. Again, dark color and earth tone colors are always a friend for men when it comes to choosing your clothing. This will enhance your look, trust me.

  1. Combine a simple hoodie with jean for night hanging-out

If you plan to hang out at night or in a cool weather condition. A look with dark color hoodie and stretchable jeans can be a perfect outfit for you to wear. Simply, the hoodie should not be too big or tight, it must be comfortable first. You may want to stick with a dark or earth tone color, however, you can also choose the more vibrant color like pure red, athletic white. These colors work well to enhance the look of your body shape and skin tone. Now we continue with your choice of jean, a pair of jeans can be slim fit with stretchable fabric is a good option. But, when it comes to jeans, keep in mind your partner's personality. For example, if she/he likes a man who is gentle and cute,you should wear normal slim fit jeans, and avoid the kind of jean that has been decorated with grunges.

Conclusion : Yes, sometimes it is a bit nervous to go on a date with someone you love. Choosing your outfit for that day may require some consideration, however I hope these ideas for outfit can be a helpful guideline for you to choose what to wear.

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