The vision 

Power the people to be who they are

The mission

We delicately work forward to continuously bringing simple, comfortable yet unique and easy to wear clothing to the youth. Spreading the appreciation of being who we are. Continuously improve the design and quality based on customer expectation and fashion trend for the firm position in the market.

The story

In late December 2019, the idea of giving birth to a style of clothing which can express the personality of the owner has initially come to the fetus stage. During this time, the unprecedented event called Covid-19 heavily hit the world economy and distorted the accurate time of SHIRCY labor. However, difficulty was what we used to make things better. We invested more time in the design process, product quality testing, fulfillment checks to make sure we have a start that can serve our customer experience and loyalty the best as it comes to the ready-open time. Eventually, It is a happy face when our dedicated work for over 9 months begins opens it blue eyes. In early August 2020, the official clothing brand website with the name SHIRCY announced the first day of opening.

The description

Shircy is a line of street-wear clothing made specifically for the youth. With the strong influence of Pop music, the kinds of clothing manufactured and designed from Shircy will be coated in a youthful, active, comfortable and unique look. Parallelly, Shircy has been highly prioritized the personal experience right from the start, thus, design customized by customer name will be available in the C. Custom collection which Shircy legitimately possess.

The face

We follow the transparency policy so it's clear that we would like to give you a tour of what we are doing in our fulfillment factory. There is nothing to hide, our fulfillment team has been trained well for the job to ensure each product made with the most accurate designing fraction.


Our dedicated team help proceed the fulfillment process by hands

Shircy fulfillment center

Our modern equipment boost the fulfillment capacity
shircy printing machine facility
Our materials and raw resource has been classified before any threading
shircy threading marterial
We are here to answer any questions you may have toward the presentation of our brand. Please, not be hesitated to reach out to us by clicking on this BUTTON


The Shircy Team