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Being into business and like going out with a casual look by wearing a comfortable shirt, I think to myself why I didn’t offer the world a t-shirt brand that doesn’t only fills the need of people but also make a positive impact to the our environment. With that in mind, I quickly jumped into business by myself and partnered with other manufactures to design and stitch some collections of eco-friendly graphic t-shirts, then the brand ‘SHIRCY’ coming out.

There is not thing much to say about the name of this brand beside the fact that I made it by combining two words that I find very close to the brand image. It is “shirt “ and “fantasy “. Shirt because our brand pivots around offering t-shirt while “Fantasy” means that our designs going to a unique direction of bringing aesthetic and energy to the ones they wear. Shortening and combining these two words, I came up with “SHIRCY” as a sweet result.

Shircy offers casual eco-friendly graphic t-shirts for those who like to wear something that unique, simple and cool while bringing a positive impact to our environment through the t-shirt he/she wears.



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